Category: Gridstability

ABB launches new Active Filter

Active Harmonic Filters are moving into the mainstream. As the world embrace renewables, electrical vehicles etc the amount of inverters in the grid is growing. As the share of inverters grow, the stability of the entire power grid will be more vulnerable as the amount of turbine inertia is reduced. The last decade is already indicating a dramatic change in grid behaviour through the 24 hour cycle. Active grid stabilisation will become a need.  Several suppliers of Active filters are adopting battery integration to provide a complete solution to offer active, reactive and harmonic mitigation in one box. Now ABB is launching a new series of products.


The new portfolio comprises five solutions: PQflexC – variable reactive power controller; PQdynaC – ultra-fast reactive power and unbalance controller; PQactiF – active harmonic filter; and PQStorI – battery storage inverter with power quality functions. Finally, PQoptiM controls and monitors power quality parameters. The product family is further enabled by ABB Ability™ to allow the devices to be operated and controlled via cloud-connected user platforms to enable real-time access of data. See more here.

We look forward to see more of the specs as they become available. Great to see ABB expanding their offering in this segment.