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Active Harmonic Filters & Drives

If you have followed this site you know that for large drive applications the combination of VFD + AHF have several advantages over the serial solution AFE.  By placing the Active Filter in parallel you obtain a more secure derive solution as well as higher efficiency. The losses in the Active Filter are about 25-30% of the losses in the Front End on a system-wide basis. The AFE has to pass the whole drive power through itself as it is placed in series with the load. The shunt mounted Active Filter however is sized based on the harmonic mitigation requirement, normally around 25-30% of total load.


Schneider showcasing the combination of Active Harmonic Filter & Drives for higher energyefficiency at the SPS2019 fair in Nuernberg.

For more on Active Filters and rives see the Global Active Filter Compensation post with an excellent paper on the advantages.






Small Active Harmonic Filters from Schneider

Schneider dedicated 3 meters of exhibition space to its active harmonic filters at the SPS fair in Nuernberg this year. Great to see that the big boys are catching on. Schneider is no newcomer to the field though, rather one of the biggest suppliers of active filters world wide. This is the first year they show these products at the SPS.  This year small filters down to 20 A is a new offering from Schneider in the PCSn series. We assume this will broaden the application scope significantly.


Source: Schneider

For more info check out the PCSn flyer Schneider_PCSn_998-20306747_GMA