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Sneakpeek at Danfoss new Active Harmonic Filter

At the SPS fair in Nürnberg 2019, Danfoss gave a sneak peek its new active harmonic filter for high power quality applications. Sources say it is due to be launched in q1 of 2020. We look forward to check out its specifications. Danfoss was the first drives manufacturer to use active harmonic filters as a solution for their low harmonic drives, often applied when complying with for instance IEEE519.  Last year Schneider followed up showing its Active Harmonic Filter in combination with multiple drives at SPS, see Active Harmonic Filters & Drives. The Danfoss filter AAF007 seems to be modular based on the picture presented.


Danfoss new Active Harmonic Filter AAF007


Small is the new black in the Active Harmonic Filter market

It is not only ABB and Schneider that release new, smaller Active Harmonic Filters. Comsys, a Swedish company specialized in Active Harmonic Filters presented their new ADF-P25 model at the SPS Nürnberg last November. We got a chat with Rickard Jacobson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Comsys.

“We see an increasing demand for smaller filters in applications such as datacenters and commercial buildings where harmonics is an increasing issue. We scaled down our current design to 30A but it offers all the functionality and robustness that you find in the larger industrialized versions. As this filters will be broadly utilizedused we have focused a lot on simplicity, plug and play, making it very easy to commission and operate. We offer the option of Sensorless control as well as WiFi to access a bigger user interface on a mobile device.

We think this can be a great entry offering as customers can test the solution without allocating too much funds. It fits well with larger HVAC systems and building technology in general.”


Small Active Harmonic Filters from Schneider

Schneider dedicated 3 meters of exhibition space to its active harmonic filters at the SPS fair in Nuernberg this year. Great to see that the big boys are catching on. Schneider is no newcomer to the field though, rather one of the biggest suppliers of active filters world wide. This is the first year they show these products at the SPS.  This year small filters down to 20 A is a new offering from Schneider in the PCSn series. We assume this will broaden the application scope significantly.


Source: Schneider

For more info check out the PCSn flyer Schneider_PCSn_998-20306747_GMA

ABB launches new Active Filter

Active Harmonic Filters are moving into the mainstream. As the world embrace renewables, electrical vehicles etc the amount of inverters in the grid is growing. As the share of inverters grow, the stability of the entire power grid will be more vulnerable as the amount of turbine inertia is reduced. The last decade is already indicating a dramatic change in grid behaviour through the 24 hour cycle. Active grid stabilisation will become a need.  Several suppliers of Active filters are adopting battery integration to provide a complete solution to offer active, reactive and harmonic mitigation in one box. Now ABB is launching a new series of products.


The new portfolio comprises five solutions: PQflexC – variable reactive power controller; PQdynaC – ultra-fast reactive power and unbalance controller; PQactiF – active harmonic filter; and PQStorI – battery storage inverter with power quality functions. Finally, PQoptiM controls and monitors power quality parameters. The product family is further enabled by ABB Ability™ to allow the devices to be operated and controlled via cloud-connected user platforms to enable real-time access of data. See more here.

We look forward to see more of the specs as they become available. Great to see ABB expanding their offering in this segment.

Active Filter on offshore MPSV- case study

Bourbon Offshore MPSV

Comsys has supplied Active Harmonic Filters to multiple offshore supply vessels. Bourbon Offshore, one of the biggest operators of offshore service vessels is using active filtering on their Evolution series of MPSVs. Filtering is employed on the main busbar to comply with class regulations. For a full report on the project and the result see here:

Bourbon Offshore Case by Comsys


New Generation Passive Harmonic Filters – Ecosine Evo

Modular Passive Harmonic Filters from Schaffner – Ecosine Evo – the New Generation

The new PHF generation “ecosine evo” is designed for the most demanding harmonic mitigation tasks with front-end 6-pulse rectifiers.

Even partial load situations causing harmonic currents can be effectively mitigated. The introduction of a modular system allows the Ecosine Evo passive harmonic filter to deliver optimally tailored solutions for your particular installation. The solution is easily adapted by simply plugging in the suitable module where needed. For more information, watch this:

Active Harmonic Filters Increase Productivity in the Paper Industry

The paper industry is known for its high availability targets and
multiple variable frequency drive applications. Enclosed is a case study
from Schaffner showing the advantages of applying an active harmonic
filter solution to reduce the grid harmonics. As the active filters are
in parallel there is no risk of stopping the machine if the filter fails.

Active Harmonic Filter Application in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

Here is a great showcase of the effects of applying active harmonic filters on a cable car installation made by Power More in Vietnam. Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort are holders of three Guiness Records – Longest single rope cable car system, Longest distance between stations and Heaviest cable roll. For Ba Na Hills, power quality is a question of safety and service quality. With total harmonic distortion 5 times higher than the national regulated level, Ba Na Hills were facing several problems.

  • Station to station communcation was interrupted
  • Power factor penalties
  • Damaged PFC capacitor units
  • Inerference with PFC controller
  • Reduced motor effeciency in generator mode to 50%

Applying ADF Power Tuning active filters from Comsys to battle both power factor correction and harmonic filtering resulted in:

  • Eliminated risk of PFC failures
  • Eliminated power factor penalties
  • Increased motor efficiency to 100%
  • Improved cable speed

Active Filtering Just Got Simpler

Active Filtering just got simpler with Sensorless Control

Comsys has released a new solution for controlling the Active Harmonic
Filter. The sensorless active filter control reduces the cost and
complexity of the system as it does not require any current transformer

In this case study they describe the retrofit on a small diesel
electric powered oil tanker, Fox Luna. The sensorless active filtering
approach is well equipped for protecting sensitive loads from dirty grids.

Sensorless Control Case Study

Vacon Launches NXC Low Harmonic Drive Based on Active Harmonic Filter Technology

Vacon Low Harmonic NXCVacon joins Danfoss as the second tier 1 drives manufacturer to integrate an active harmonic filter with a drive to lower harmonics. Vacons stand-alone NXC range previously offered 12 pulse as well as active front end drive solutions.

The Low Harmonic NXC was recently shown at a large exhibition in Sweden and is reportedly offered on a project by project basis but will become a standard offering in the near future. The system shown, verifies the smaller foot print and weight of the Active Filter drive system compared to the more common Active Front End drives. The active filter NXC also has a lower power loss, which is becoming more important as the EN 50598-2 standard is introduced.