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Vacon Launches NXC Low Harmonic Drive Based on Active Harmonic Filter Technology

Vacon Low Harmonic NXCVacon joins Danfoss as the second tier 1 drives manufacturer to integrate an active harmonic filter with a drive to lower harmonics. Vacons stand-alone NXC range previously offered 12 pulse as well as active front end drive solutions.

The Low Harmonic NXC was recently shown at a large exhibition in Sweden and is reportedly offered on a project by project basis but will become a standard offering in the near future. The system shown, verifies the smaller foot print and weight of the Active Filter drive system compared to the more common Active Front End drives. The active filter NXC also has a lower power loss, which is becoming more important as the EN 50598-2 standard is introduced.

AHF Compensates Thruster and Refrigeration Compressor

Danfoss used an Active Harmonic Filter to compensate the THD of their installed 960 kW of VFDs for thruster and refrigeration compressor on the fishing vessel Gitte Henning #8. The AHF ensured to keep the installation within class requirements. Read more at:

Danfoss VFDs on Gitte Henning #8

Trusted Suppliers

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Trusted suppliers of Active Harmonic Filters

There are plenty of suppliers of Active Harmonic Filters on the market. Their capabilities vary and the innovations within the field have been numerous. While some filters really only compensate for harmonics, other Active Harmonic Filters have the ability to compensate for just about any power quality problems with a few sofware adjustments to fit your specific problem profile.

Investing in Active Harmonic Filters

Make sure to always start by getting proper measurements to ensure you know what issues are the real cause of your power quality problems. Harmonics is only one of many potential concerns with regards to power quality – transients, oscillations and flicker are just a few of the additional problems you could be facing.

There are many potential solutions within the power quality field. Keeping an open mind is the best way to ensure you get the most effective solution and best ROI on your investment. It may also be that a combination of technologies is the most effective way to protect your production.

Trusted Suppliers of Active Harmonic Filters

  • Schaffner (www.schaffner.com)
  • ABB (www.abb.com)
  • Comsys (www.comsys.se)
  • Danfoss (www.danfoss.com)
  • Schneider (www.schneider.com)
  • Siemens (www.siemens.com)
  • Vacon (www.vacon.com)