Small is the new black in the Active Harmonic Filter market

It is not only ABB and Schneider that release new, smaller Active Harmonic Filters. Comsys, a Swedish company specialized in Active Harmonic Filters presented their new ADF-P25 model at the SPS Nürnberg last November. We got a chat with Rickard Jacobson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Comsys.

“We see an increasing demand for smaller filters in applications such as datacenters and commercial buildings where harmonics is an increasing issue. We scaled down our current design to 30A but it offers all the functionality and robustness that you find in the larger industrialized versions. As this filters will be broadly utilizedused we have focused a lot on simplicity, plug and play, making it very easy to commission and operate. We offer the option of Sensorless control as well as WiFi to access a bigger user interface on a mobile device.

We think this can be a great entry offering as customers can test the solution without allocating too much funds. It fits well with larger HVAC systems and building technology in general.”


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